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Kattar Vs. Chikadze

The UFC fights for 2022 are on, and the fans can get back to watch the sport. The UFC fight night returned with a bang with Calvin Kattar Vs. Giga Chikadze and the fans highly anticipated it. The featherweight division has some excellent fighters on the rooster, and these two fighters proved their worth in their previous fights. The fans wanted to see them fight, and the UFC gave them what they wanted. So in case, you missed it, here’s how the UFC event went and who won on the main card.


The main event

The main event did not disappoint the UFC fans around the world. It was nothing short of spectacular, and the fight went all five rounds. The hype was real, and they gave an excellent performance.

Calvin Kattar had a devastating loss when he took on Max Holloway in the featherweight division. But coming into the fight with Chikadze, he knew he had a point to prove, and he did that beautifully. Everybody knows that one of his best weapons is his wrestling and the ground game, and he had the advantage over Chikadze. But he also knew Chikadze was one of the best strikers in the division and that he could knock him out at any point of the fight.


Chikadze made a name for himself in the featherweight division with some fantastic finishes in his previous fights. He was making headlines, and that got the fans excited. But he also knew the fight against Kattar would be different. So when the fight started, both fighters took their time and cautiously worked their way.

Chikadze adjusted quicker in the first round, threw his signature kicks and punches, and maintained his distance. But things changed quickly when he slipped and let Kattar take him to the ground. He couldn’t do much, and Kattar did an excellent job on the ground.

The offensive approach by Chikadze continued till round three. Although he kept striking, none of the strikes were damaging enough for Kattar. Meanwhile, Kattar absorbed the pressure and countered well during the exchanges. As round four approached, Chikadze was bleeding from the elbows that Kattar threw in the final moments of round two. He took a lot of damage, but he kept the pressure on Kattar. By the end of rounds four and five, you could see that Chikadze was tired. But he kept moving and throwing punches. Kattar executed his game plan perfectly. He made his move in crucial parts of the fight, which did the damage, and it was enough to seal him the victory. He won via unanimous decision on the night.


Co-main event

Two of the best heavyweights, Jake Collier and Chase Sherman, went head-to-head in the co-main event. But the night belonged to Jake Collier, and it didn’t take long for him to finish the fight. It’s not frequent in the heavyweight division to see submission wins, but he executed a rear-naked choke perfectly over Chase Sherman. As expected, the fight started slow, and both fighters weren’t throwing much. But as it neared the middle of the round, Collier caught hold of one of Sherman’s kicks, and that was the start of the end. He threw some brutal ground and pound shots, and Sherman cut open. In the process, he gave up his back, allowing Collier to get hold of his neck and choke him out. The fight lasted 2:26 minutes, and the referee stopped the fight.

Main card fights

Apart from the two fights, three other fights were on the main card. The flyweight division saw Brandon Royal take on Rogerio Bontorin, and it was a great fight to watch. Bonton is a grappler and well versed in jiu-jitsu. So as expected, he made the most of it during the fight.

Royal, on the other hand, took a cautious approach. Usually, he fires up right away, but he knows Bontorin’s ability on the ground, so he kept his distance. But Bontorin took him down a couple of times from the first round and made things difficult for him. However, he kept himself busy with strikes when he got off the mat.

Although Bontorin took him down the most, Royal countered well and almost submitted him. The fight was close, but in the end, the judges gave a split decision to win to Brandon Royal.

Katlyn Chookagian and Jennifer Maia took the octagon in the women’s flyweight division. As expected, Katlyn put on a dominant performance on the night. She countered perfectly with her striking, and in round two, she took Maia down and controlled the fight. Katlyn won via unanimous decision.

Viacheslav Borshchev, a graduate from the Dana White Contender series, took on Dakota Bush in the men’s lightweight division. The fans were already impressed with the performances of Viacheslav, and they wanted to see more of him. It did not take long for him to finish the fight. A beautiful liver shot saw Bush drop to the ground, and the referee intervened before further damage. It was another excellent performance by Viacheslav, making it 6-1 for him in the UFC.

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