UK IPTV for Android, Firestick, and Shield TV

IPTV is constantly developing, increasingly popular. Because IPTV is the cheapest and most economical way to get live TV channels and on-cast video content. If you want to find a UK IPTV for Android, Firestick, Shield TV, AirTV IPTV is one of the best UK IPTV.


What is AirTV IPTV?

AirTV IPTV offers top-quality IPTV UK service, with over 1300+ Live IPTV UK & Worldwide Channels and over 3000+ Videos on demand.

With this UK IPTV, you can watch all live sports competitions around the world. In AirTV IPTV, most channels are based on sports. If you want to live a live sports competition, AirTV IPTV is the best choice.

In the list of IPTV channels, you can find more than 160 IPTV UK channels, including SKY Sports, BT Sport, and more valuable channels, you can view all IPTV UK channels and which UK channels provide 7 days catch up. If you want to watch other international channels in the UK, you can also get the IPTV trial for free to check all channel lists.

How to Watch UK IPTV for Android, Firestick, and Shield TV?

Watch live sports on your device, you will need

How do you get IPTV Subscription?

This UK IPTV service is divided into standard and advanced package, each IPTV package provides a 1, 3, 6, 12-month subscription plan

You can get a 72-hour free program to test all channels on, and then decide to continue buying subscriptions, this detailed guide will help you get IPTV free trial.

How do you install IPTV?

Firestick / Android TV Box / Nvidia Shield / Google Dongle / Android TV:

Install the AirTV app

  1. Install Downloader app
  2. Open the “Downloader app” and type:
    AirTV APK:
    AirTV Extra APK:

AirTV IPTV provides step-by-step manuals for each device so you can easily find out how to set up IPTV streaming for your device.

How do I connect to IPTV?

Select the best broadband connection UK IPTV

Watching the IPTV UK channel does not necessarily need fiber broadband, but a fast, reliable connection to reduce buffering or connection issues are advisable.

We do recommend the internet speed is above 4Mbps(4Mbps for download and around 1Mbps for upload), so you can watch the channels smoothly without issues. Frankly, in most homes in Europe, the internet speed is better than 4Mbps. Also, you can check here at to see your internet speed.

Activate your UK IPTV subscription

  1. Open the AirTV App and Go to Settings > Account
  2. Enter the Activation Code and stream your favorite IPTV channels.


How does IPTV get all Channels?

You can view all IPTV channel lists here, you can also get a 72-hour IPTV trial to check all available live channels.

Can I use my subscription on more devices?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your subscription on multiple devices. But you can subscribe to the IPTV family package, you can save your 60% subscription fee.

How long can I use this service?

You will receive your subscription code within 1 minute because all subscriptions will be sent through the website’s automatic delivery system.


AirTV IPTV is the best UK IPTV service for Android, Firestick, Shield, without buffering and freezing, is a value-for-money UK IPTV. Get free trials to test the service, if you are satisfied with the service, please purchase subscriptions and enjoy the best live sports content.


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