What is IPTV and who is the best IPTV in the UK?

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What is the IPTV

What is IPTV

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TELEVISION, which allows you to access a large number of live TV channels and video on demand, TV series, and more using an Internet connection.

Did you know that there are different types of IPTV?

There is more than one type of IPTV, and it depends upon the service they provide.

1. Video On-demand (VOD)

It is simple, and you can watch any video on demand. It is usually a subscriber-based model, where the payment can be a one-time purchase or a monthly payment service. It is one of the most popular forms; this is one of the modes of streaming platforms.

2. TV on demand

Usually, the videos or content are bought individually. You can buy shows or movies that you want. Depending upon the service providers, most purchases are at one time. This means you can watch the content anytime, and you don’t have to pay again to view it the next time. There are other alternatives with a time limit or usually a rental service where you pay to watch but only for a certain period of time.

3. Time-shifted TV

It is usually in the case of re-watching a live video. You can catch any live events you have missed.

4. Near Video on demand

Near Video on demand is closely similar to the pay-per-view content subscription model. You pay once to watch videos or events after it has taken place, usually a live event. This type of service usually has a time limit.

5. Live Television

This service is applicable for streaming or watching a program or events live. This is common in sports or gaming entertainment, where matches or tournaments are broadcast live via special paid services.

How does it work

At present, there are two mainstream IPTV subscription methods in the market.

One is the IPTV service developed based on Xtream Code. When you subscribe to this type of IPTV for free or paid, your IPTV provider will send you the M3U list or the user name, password, and URL of Xtream Code API.

You can download the IPTV Smarters and enter your subscription to watch IPTV streaming content.

iptv smarters player

A second IPTV service, such as AirTV IPTV, will send you an activation code when you subscribe. Just download the service’s APK and enter your activation code to stream your favorite live TV.



As mentioned earlier, IPTV is different from traditional cable in that you need a streaming device, a good Internet connection, and your IPTV subscription to watch live TV or on-demand content.

Because IPTV is cheaper than premium cable subscriptions, you can save a lot on your TV bill. The convenience of IPTV is also one of the reasons why more and more users like IPTV, because it allows you to use it on different devices, is not restricted by country/region, and can be canceled at any time without long-term contracts.

Please let me summarize the advantages and disadvantages of IPTV


  • It has a wide range of content.
  • You do not require a subscription to any streaming platforms or cable. A
  • It has a Video on Demand.
  • Unlike some streaming platforms where some content is not available for some countries. IPTV offers all content regardless of geography.
  • It is all online, and you do not have the hassle of setting up physical connections manually.


  • You require a high-speed or stable internet connection to watch it without buffering.
  • It is not accessible for everyone, and it is illegal in some countries.

Now that you know what IPTV is and how it works, you might be thinking of getting a connection or subscription to one. You would want to choose from the many IPTV services springing up that give you the best benefit and is value for money.

Who is the best IPTV in the UK

AirTV IPTV is the best IPTV service in the UK. It allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies anytime using a video-on-demand (VOD) service.

It also gives you access to over 1300 live TV channels, including 168 UK channels, with a large number of live sports. If you want to see which UK channels are available on this IPTV service, check out this list of IPTV UK channels.

The UK IPTV service also has a 72-hour free trial that allows you to access all available live channels and check their stability.

The best thing about the AirTV IPTV service is that it is simple and easy to install, with no buffering and freezing. The premium version also offers 7 days of Catch up so I don’t miss out on my favorite live sports, and SOMETIMES I save my favorite TV shows with the DIY recording feature it offers.


Is It Best To Use VPN with IPTV?

One of the major issues we are seeing in the IPTV market right now is Internet providers being forced to block IPTV servers in real-time while football matches are being played. Using a VPN allows you to bypass ISP and geographic limitations. If you are using AirTV IPTV, you can use VPN or not, both are fine.

Final Words

There are many platforms, but all with limited content. You would have to subscribe to so many services to watch the shows or movies you want. Why pay so much money for different streaming services and expensive cable bills when you can switch to IPTV? Enjoy unlimited content and save yourself some cash while doing so.

Now start your IPTV free trial.

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